A Brief History of How A&L Kaffa Was Born...

Our Story

I’ve been going with the “Engineer.Artist.Failure” moniker for the past couple of years. It still suites me very well. And I’m sure you are wondering how those three things relate to coffee. Trust me, I’ll get there.

High school was a blur. I can almost say the same for college, but that time was more impactful. But high school was the place I developed an interest in Engineering. Mainly in the automotive field. I wanted to apply my love for math to something that was applicable than applied math. Still to this day, the only people that are doing applied math were people working in college. I needed something practical. Something of the norm.

I never got any push back from my Nigerian parents because I guess it was a career that was acceptable. I started my life as a mechanical engineer. Loved the idea more than the actual work. I just wanted to do anything with cars, so that decision had to work. I lasted a year before I was going to get kicked out of the mechanical engineering program at Texas A&M. I guess that was my first dose of failure.

I switched to Civil engineering because I had no clue what else to do. Engineering still had to be in the name. And nothing else in engineering interested me. So it was roads, bridges, traffic, water resources and etc.

But, when I had free time, I performed mechanical engineering stuff: the taking a part, modifying a car part to see if it changed the dynamic of the car, doing basic formulas about tire pressure and how that affected the grip of the vehicle. This was all possible on my piece-of-crap-turned race car with a group of friends I met at the school’s sport car club.





I finished school with a crappy GPA. Again, I almost failed out of school. My classmates were getting internships and civil jobs. I was just happy to be almost done with school. But I knew that I had to look for a job and with no civil engineering experience, I knew I was going to be screwed if I didn’t do something about it. So the summer before I graduated— I researched, analyzed, installed, troubleshooted and budgeted a turbocharger system for my car. I used the completed project as a selling pitch to get my first job. Basically said that what I did was applied engineering. Which it was. And it worked!

But after three months on that job, I realized, engineering as a career, wasn’t for me.

Someone can easily look at my life and be like but you have been doing engineering for the past 12 years. To those people, you don’t know who I am.

Yes. I’ve been doing engineering for the past 12 years. More so on the paper-pushing side of it. But in my life as a whole, I’ve been applying engineering in a practical matter of things of interest. For instance:

-I’ve written in my own personal blog for about six years straight and from time to time whenever I felt a need to there after.

-Wrote, edited and published my Novel a couple of years ago.

-Exhausted through, passionate about, failed at photography personally and as a career.

-Tried and failed at more things than most people have thought about than I give myself credit for.

-And have gone very, very deep into the rabbit hole of coffee.

And the way life bends through the path we allow it to take, this is how coffee came to be.

The love of coffee only came about because I didn’t want my main character of my novel.

l to be a tea lover, like I was at the time. I wanted to be the character, challenge myself to do something I had no interest in.

But, as I kept getting more interested and addicted to coffee, it took over. So, I’m beyond a coffee snob. I look at myself as a coffee helper to the people now and hopefully forever.

Again. When I do things, I tend to do them big and with crazy amount of focus and drive.

The Journey Starts with Coffee is the brain child of me showing you the struggle, grind and commitment that I have for my coffee roasting business and legacy I want to start for my family.

That’s right, the other intent of this website is to also provide you the best, freshest, clean tasting coffee at a reasonable investment that you will continue to enjoy for the rest of your life.

That’s a promise I strive to keep.

Let’s enjoy the journey together.